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al-chef.com Because the freedom to surf the Internet is a human right that cannot be prevented from any person searching for information and news on the Internet, but unfortunately we live in a world full of dictatorial governments that prohibit browsing some news websites about their citizens and this is what causes restrictions on citizens' freedoms, so we created this website Online, which will make it easier for anyone to browse any website on the Internet with ease and without any complications, by using servers that work in many countries around the world. We provide these servers for free so that you can browse the Internet with ease.

Never be held hostage by surveys again!!.

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who are we ?

We are a group of university youth. We have created this website to be our first joint project working on the Internet and to be a helpful tool for many people to contribute to the search for the truth and follow the news through any news site, even if it is banned in your country.

What is an IP?

The term IP is one of the famous terms in the world of the Internet, which means "the user's Internet address", which is an abbreviation of the word Internet Protocol, while computer engineer "Kyrollos Ashraf" explains that every computer has two IP numbers as follows:

The first: One inside the network and it is called an internal IP such as, and the devices inside the network are arranged according to the number in them, so if there are four devices on the same network, then it is certain that each of them has a separate IP address to be as follows:

The second: the external IP on the Internet, such as, and that number changes every time the user connects to the Internet and it is called Dynamic IP, and it is made up of 4 digits of numbers, and each cell contains at most 3 numbers so that it does not exceed the number 255, which is Abbreviation. Internet Protocol

Through the IP number, some information can be obtained about the device that owns this address, and the user's IP number can be known through many methods, except that the stock of it is access to the whatismyipaddress website, which tells the user his IP number once it is opened.

Ashraf warned of the need to avoid providing the user's IP address to anyone, in order to preserve the security and privacy of his device, as this address could be used to penetrate the user.

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